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tab This page describes the major sections of the site that we we feel are the most important to the majority of our visitors. Its purpose is to quickly enable you to become an educated purchaser of web design services. If you see any ways to improve this page, please let us know.


tab The About Us section discusses what makes a good Web Site Development firm. Of course it focuses on us, but you can use it to help you determine the relative merits of any web design firm.

  • In Why Choose Us, we describe, in very general terms, the possible benefits to you of having a web site, why we are better equipped to deliver one, and the difference between a Home Page and a Web Site. The first 2 paragraphs are the important ones.

  • The next most important feature of our site is our design philosophy, which explains why you need experts rather than novices. The first paragraph is the most important one. The rest of the page supplies details.

  • Then we have a summary of the skill-set that we bring to your project. This will help you understand the skill-set that any Web Site Developer should have.

  • Ensuring Quality shows several things we do to ensure a quality web site after many other developers have already finished.

  • With the above four links, you will be highly prepared to compare the quality of various Web Sites and judge the capabilities of Web Site Developers.

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tab In Our Services we discuss (obviously) what services we offer. Decide which are important to you, and make sure any Web Design and Web Hosting firm that you consider can offer them to you. If you don't know enough about the Internet to decide, then make sure your Web Design firm can explain these services to you, and can offer them.

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tab In About This Site we include information that helps you use this site. There's this page (that you're reading now), and the Contents which is just like any other table of contents. There's a page with information about how to contact us. We have a page that lists a couple of representative sample sites.

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tab In About the Net, we have some information about the Internet (are you surprised?). One page discusses types of providers that you may need to know about when you do business on the Internet. And, for lighter reading, we have a set of Internet definitions which may be useful, or this short history of the Internet may be interesting to you.

tab We have written several newsletter articles that may help you understand how to make better use of the Internet and your website. Please view our newsletter articles page.

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tab To round out the site, we have some other information scattered around. You may be interested in reading Our Background, Our Mission, or Our Commitment to You. Finally, there's our view of Fair & Ethical Use of Information We Provide.

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