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tab In addition to the information provided in Why Choose Gordon Internet Services, we do other things to ensure quality sites.

tab For example, we use a wide range of tools to ensure quality sites. We test your site using at least two different versions of Netscape browsers and also Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and above. We test at resolutions of 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, and 1280x1024. We will also test with any other browsers and resolutions that you specifically request.

tab We make sure that your site looks excellent in the most common users' configurations, and looks at least acceptable in other configurations. Many other developers only test in the configuration that they use to create your site, and in the configuration that you use. But we strive to make sure that your site looks good to ALL your visitors.


tab We spell check your site. As obvious as that seems, many sites are strewn with spelling errors.

tab In addition to the standard practice of submitting your site to search engines, we also discuss ways for you to use proactive methods to promote your site.

tab Anyone can make grammatical errors, and we're no exception. That's why, after we've finished a section of a site, we have someone else review the section for typos, grammatical errors, and unclear or awkward phrases.

tab We take pride in our sites, and we want you to take pride in your site.

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