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tab In Why Choose Us, we describe, in very general terms, the possible benefits to you of having a web site and why we are better equipped to deliver one.

tab Our background explains why we are equipped to create a well-rounded solution for you, while Ensuring Quality, shows what we do to ensure a quality web site after many other developers have already finished.

tab If you are short of time, the two most important features of our site are our design philosophy, which explains why you need experts rather than novices, and a summary of the skill-set that we bring to your project. With these two links, you will be highly prepared to compare the quality of various Web Sites and judge the capabilities of Web Site Developers.

tab The section on Fair & Ethical Use of Information We Provide is for everyone who wishes to link to our site, or copy information or techniques from our site. Please read it if you fall into this category!

tab Please enjoy your stay in our site. If you like what you read, please remember to bookmark it for future reference. If and when you are ready to have a Web Site, please remember to contact us. And have some fun while you're at it!

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