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Types Of Service Providers You Will Need To Know About When You Do Business On The Internet


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tab Gordon Internet Services is a Web Site Design firm, and we also provide value-added Web Hosting through companies that fall into the Web Service Provider category.

tab An ISP (Internet Service Provider), also known as an IAP (Internet Access Provider) provides access to the Internet through dial-up lines (e.g., 28.8 kbps or ISDN) or leased lines (e.g., ISDN or T-1). They also provide E-Mail capabilities, and often access to Usenet Newsgroups. They sometimes provide limited Web Hosting Services (see Web Service Provider, below). Examples of ISP's are Erols and AT&T.

tab On-line Service Providers are companies such as AOL (America On-line), Compuserve, MSN (Microsoft Network), and Prodigy. They usually provide Internet connectivity similar to an ISP's, but unlike an ISP, they also provide their own content.

tab A Web Service Provider, also known as a Web Host Provider, provides computer storage space and the technical infrastructure for storing Web pages at an Internet-accessible location. They often provide E-Mail and limited Web Design Services (see Web Page Creator, below). Some large companies with LANs and T-1 lines host their own web sites, but security and communication costs become major concerns.

tab A Web Page Creator, also known as a Home Page Designer or Web Page Coder is a person who, given specifications for what a company wants, codes in the appropriate computer language to create a series of individual Web Pages. This is a very cost-effective solution, but doesn't take into account Needs Analysis, Technology Limitations, Visual Design, or Marketing. If you know exactly what you want and can fax them the layout, they can be excellent at implementing it. The less you know about the exact layout and the less clear you are about how to use related Internet technologies to enhance your Web Site, the less effective the Web Page Creator becomes for you.

tab A Web Site Design Team usually consists of 1-5 people. They provide the analysis skills necessary to help a business determine what benefits a Web Site can provide and the mix of features necessary to provide those benefits. They also understand the trade-offs between the richest user experience and the limitations of current technology. They understand graphics and visual effects in order to create visually appealing sites. The coder on the team implements the design using the appropriate languages. Finally, team members ensure that appropriate Internet marketing methods are in place to help bring the appropriate people to the Web Site.

tab Gordon Internet Services is a Web Site Design firm, and we also provide value-added Web Hosting through companies that fall into the Web Service Provider category.

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