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tab Gordon Internet Services is owned by Jeff Gordon and Donna Gordon. For over twenty years, we each have provided a combination of analysis, design, and development services to small businesses, large businesses, and government agencies.

tab In addition, our background in publishing, desktop publishing, and typesetting translates very well into the new media of the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW).

tab Our backgrounds enable our clients to have effective web sites at a reasonable cost.


tab Previously focusing on business-oriented computer applications such as marketing analysis, accounting, finance, and information management, we have expanded into Web Design and Internet Consulting.

tab We emphasize our unique blend of technical skills, design ability, publishing knowledge, and creativity. We also emphasize creative use of Internet resources in helping you develop a marketing strategy for your web site and business.

tab We use our skills and creativity to enhance your business . . . at a reasonable price. It's what we do. It's what we pride ourselves on. It's what we commit to. Period . . . No exceptions . . . No qualifications.


tab Jeff Gordon has over twenty years experience in Information Technology. Prior to becoming involved with the Internet, he specialized in systems analysis and design, user interface design, and database management. He has experience on IBM mainframe computers, Unix machines, and DOS and Windows platforms. His background ensures you get excellent analysis, technical design, implementation, and use of related Internet technologies.

tab Donna Gordon has over twenty-five years experience in publishing and typesetting. She has used a variety of electronic publishing tools ranging from dedicated minicomputer typesetting machines to high-end PC desktop publishing programs. She also has over fifteen years experience writing custom business applications. Her background ensures you get excellent business analysis, technical design, graphics layout, and implementation.

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