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tab We offer a full-range of Web Design and Internet Consulting Services. You will find more information regarding our capabilities and skills in these areas if you take a look at About Gordon Internet Services.

tab This first set contains services that are all very tightly integrated. We typically do some of each of these for every site.

  • Site Design (general characteristics of how your site looks).
  • Page Design (similar to Desktop Publishing).
  • HTML coding (similar to Word Processing).
  • Graphics Design and Development.
  • Graphics Optimization (graphics that were done for other purposes probably need to be modified for the Web)
  • CGI, Perl, and JavaScript coding (programming that may be required).

tab This second set contains services that we especially excel at, while many of our competitors don't even offer these services.

  • Requirements Analysis (an analysis to determine the features that would best meet your business needs).
  • Technical Writing.
  • Creative Copywriting.

tab This third set contains services that add value to your Internet presence. Some of them transcend the Web and are more correctly thought of as Internet Services. Many of our competitors cannot offer these services either.

  • One-way Mailing List Management (bulk email services to keep customers and potential customers up-to-date about your products, services, and web site.
  • Two-way Mailing List Management (two-way email communications between all your customers and you - similar to a party-line on a phone).
  • Discussion Boards/Bulletin Boards (similar to Two-way Mailing List Management, but based on your Web Site rather than your customers email programs.

tab Please note that the Mailing List Services we offer should not be confused with Spam. We do not condone the use of Spam by any of our customers.

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