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Seven Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Get a Website
When most small businesses decide to develop a website they usually miss the very first couple of steps that are crucial in determining whether their website will succeed or fail.

These seven simple questions will help you get started thinking about a successful website.

Using the Web In Your Business
This article discusses some hints on how to use the web and the Internet to perform research, disseminate information, do marketing, and provide customer service functions.

Useful Internet Definitions for Internet Novices

Here are some basic definitions that may be useful in sorting out Internet and Web terminology. This article focuses on the non-technical terms that almost everyone will encounter.

Avoiding Road Rage on the Information Highway (Effective Use of Email)
Email is a new communications media that is a cross between a telephone and a letter. Because it's so new, it's easy for the reader to misunderstand the sender's tone and purpose. Here are some considerations to ensure that messages get understood when using email. Subheadings include Think Before You Send Your Email and Read Other Peoples' Emails Gently


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